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The People Behind MyPeopleClub 

Krystyna Petersen is an experienced, highly-skilled, and compassionate HR professional, coach and business owner, as well as being a Fellow of the CIPD.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Krystyna has made it her mission to find ways to help the UK workforce become happier, more collaborative, and more productive than ever. By relying on her deep understanding of psychology, NLP, and human behaviour, Krystyna is paving the way towards a stronger HR community for all.

Her Story

Like many who have come before her, Krystyna’s life has by no means been easy. Growing up in a single-parent family, Krystyna grew up learning the value of working hard, integrity and striving for success.

After entering the working world delivering papers at only 13 years old, Krystyna’s unflinching work ethic and sheer will are what drove her to climb the corporate career ladder, becoming the only female HR Director in the UK for a large global organisation with some 40,000 staff worldwide.

Her time at the company was rewarding, yet challenging. After spending years working exhausting hours, with constant fire-fighting, along with trying to navigate the often complex world of HR, Krystyna was burnt out and decided to reassess her working life!

After leaving the company and branching out on her own, Krystyna chose to harness her interpersonal skills and talent for building relationships to create MyPeopleClub – a platform that will help HR professionals access the help and support that Krystyna needed so badly at the time. Krystyna understands the value of community and is on a mission to create the most vibrant HR community in the UK!

About: MyPeopleClub Founder Krys
“When I first started out in HR, I didn’t have a HR Manager or Director above me. I had to find things out for myself, research the best way to do things and I had no one to bounce ideas and questions off – there was a lot of 'winging' it to start with! There were some big websites that you could use for reference, but there was no one place you could get everything you needed – even now when looking for things, there’s still no one place people can turn to, which is what gave me the idea for MyPeopleClub”. Krystyna Petersen
Krystyna is dedicated to creating the most vibrant HR community across the UK – and she wants you to join her!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build a strong community of HR professionals, a huge support network and a reliable and trusted resource centre.

MPC is a place where as a member, you will not only have access to template documents, policies, coaching/training modules, (and much, much more), but you will also have access to experts and businesses across a wide variety of fields, in order to help and support you with all the things you need to achieve!

It’s our mission to help HR Professionals Connect – Develop – Achieve!

Giving Back:

As HR professionals, community is an integral part of what we do every single day – whether it be helping businesses create better, more people-centric environments, or strengthening the connections between the people who work in them. However, we don’t just care about professional communities – we care about all communities, including the ones we live and move in every single day.

That’s why giving back to our community is one of our biggest goals. We want to do our part to help those who need us, and we’re doing it by using our platform as a way to raise funds for worthwhile causes. (Check out our charity page for more info).

MPC Values:

Service is one of our biggest values. We want to serve our MPC members, provide content and tools that you want, and support you in the best ways possible.

Integrity is at the very heart of everything we do here at MyPeopleClub and is the cornerstone on which our business is built.

Professionalism – We work in a professional industry – The way we are and the content we produce is always professional. However, we also do have fun where appropriate!

Quality – All our documentation, tools, Masterclasses and other resources are produced to an extremely high quality. The platform will continue to expand and grow along with our HR community, and every care is taken to ensure we are giving you the very best we can.

More about Team MPC…

Although Krystyna is the founder and Director of MPC, the scope, knowledge, insights and experience that can be found on the platform goes so much wider than just her 20+ years in the industry. Team MPC  is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate and committed to helping HR Professionals achieve, along with external partners and experts from across the industry (and beyond!), who all want to see you succeed as HR Professionals.

However, it’s not just all about us!

As part of this ever growing community, members support, encourage and help each other. A collaborative and community approach is so much more helpful and fulfilling than everyone working alone or in silo’s and we’re very driven to grow the most supportive network in our industry.

If you would like to know more about us, please get in touch.

We do hope you’ll join our HR community and become part of the MyPeopleClub adventure!

MyPeopleClub - Helping to make life easier for all HR Professionals!

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