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About MyPeopleClub

We’re Krystyna and James, Co-Founders of My People Club – an amazing and fast growing community for people working in HR!

We're here to help you Connect - Develop - Achieve!

We’re also here to fill the gaping hole that currently exists when it comes to getting everything you need in one place. Find out more below!

“When I first started out in HR, I didn’t have a HR Manager or Director above me. I had to find things out for myself, research the best way to do things and I had no one to bounce ideas and questions off – there was a lot of 'winging' it to start with! There were some big websites that you could use for reference, but there was no one place you could get everything you needed – even now when looking for things, there’s still no one place people can turn to, which is what gave me the idea for MyPeopleClub”. Krystyna Petersen
About us : Co-founders Krys and James

Our Mission:

Along with James, the other Co-Founder of the business, our mission is to build a strong community, a support network and a huge resource centre for others in the industry – a place where as a member, you will not only have access to template documents, policies, coaching/training modules, (and much, much more), but you will also have access to experts and businesses across a great variety of fields, in order to help and support you with all the things you need to achieve!

Giving Back:

We’re so proud and excited to see MyPeopleClub develop and grow! Giving back is another really important part of what we’re all about here at MPC and so part of every member’s monthly subscription will be donated to the nominated charity for that year, along with supporting with additional fundraising initiatives throughout the year (check out our charity page).

MPC Values:

Service is one of our biggest values. We want to serve our members, provide content you want, and support you in the best ways possible.

Integrity is at the very heart of everything we do here at MyPeopleClub and is so important to us!

Professionalism – We work in a professional industry – The way we are and the content we produce is always professional. However, we also do have fun where appropriate!

Quality – All our documentation, tools, Masterclasses and other resources are produced to an extremely high quality. The platform will continue to expand and grow along with our community, and every care is taken to ensure we are giving you the very best we can.

Finally more about us…

Using our 40+ years’ experience between the two of us in working with, and developing people, we are just so committed to helping others succeed by using the knowledge, insights and experience we have gained over the years to do this. However, it’s not just all about us!

As part of this community, our hope is that members will support, encourage and help each other. A collaborative and community approach is so much more helpful and fulfilling than everyone working alone or in silo’s and we’re very driven to grow the most supportive network in our industry.

If you would like to know more about us, please get in touch.

We do hope you’ll join our mission and become part of the MyPeopleClub adventure!

Krys and James

Krystyna Petersen

About Us: Krystyna Petersen

Krystyna is a Fellow of the CIPD and has spent some 20 years working with and managing people across a broad range of sectors. She started off in hospitality and retail, and has since covered a broad range of different industries  over the years. Having progressed quickly through the ranks of HR, Krystyna was a HR Director for a large global organisation with 40,000 people worldwide, before opening her own HR, Coaching & Training consultancy.

In addition to HR, Krystyna is passionate about Learning and Development, and is a certified coach. She holds the ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Qualification, along with Diploma’s in psychology, certifications in life coaching, CBT, NLP and various other things.

Krystyna is also a certified DiSC trainer and regularly works with senior execs and CEO’s to provide coaching, interview prep and CV assistance.

If you would like to know more about us, please get in touch.

James Perryman

About Us: James Perryman

James has built up his professional experience over 20+ years working with organisations across many sectors including telecommunications, travel, insurance, banking and FMCG. The audiences of his coaching, workshops and talks have ranged from school children, apprentices, senior leaders and directors to business owners and entrepreneurs.

He is regularly invited to guest speak at events, often asked to share his expertise on people’s natural behavioural and communication styles, and provide valuable ways in which people can adapt their own style to engage audiences when presenting, and win business when pitching.

James holds a number of qualifications in emotional intelligence, behavioural and personality type tools, and is a member of the Professional Speakers Association.

If you would like to know more about us, please get in touch.

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