Are you Gen Z ready?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good people, those that are good fit within your org, and when you do find them, it’s even more difficult to keep them motivated.

As we now see the new generation entering the workplace, Gen Z (those born late 90’s to early 00’s) it’s a perfect time to get your business ready to keep them on board.

What do we know about this generation?

  • A work-life balance tops their list of requirements in a job
  • Their awareness of and protection of personal wellbeing is high
  • Felling part of the team, valued and appreciated is what drives them
  • They want to make a difference and are socially responsibly
  • They can also be quite difficult to manage (according to some!). I think this one refers to the fact they might not put up with crappy conditions/management for long, they’ll easily jump ship. Also some would say, some Gen Z don’t have that resilience/toughness needed sometimes to grit your teeth and pull through tricky situations – there’s some interesting thoughts out there!

Are you ready?

We know that this generation are increasingly selective over what they look for a role and who they work for, and unlike any generation before them are willing to walk away from a role they’re not happy in. 

They have grown up through a recession, social media and advanced tech introduction, a global pandemic and now a 40 year high inflation and cost of living crisis, they come to the table with lots to offer any industry.

So, what can businesses do?

The signals are there, this generation are presenting a real opportunity to go back to the drawing board and revisit how things are done. Their desire for instant gratification means outdated processes are likely to cause frustration so, things like flexible/hybrid working, booking annual leave, tailored benefits and payroll process are a great place to start. Remember that work life balance and wellbeing awareness, it’s all about the experience and connection they feel.

This new workforce want to make a difference, why not let that be for your company? There’s some great ideas out there and maybe it’s time to embrace them?! What are your thoughts?