13/03/2020 – Coronavirus

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13/03/2020 – Coronavirus – The first outbreak of Coronavirus was at the end of December in Wuhan, China. It’s passed on through personal contact with symptoms appearing between 2-15 days after. We are seeing daily increased in the number of confirmed cases here in the UK and across the world, with a number of countries […]

International Womens Day

International Women’s Day 2020

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So, International Women’s Day 2020 (IWD) is fast approaching (Sunday 8th March), which also happens to be my mum’s birthday (and a big one this year – the big old 6-0!) – sorry mum! It’s quite apt really that it falls on this day as I consider my mum to be one of the strongest […]


Fundamentals of successful talent management

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Fundamentals of successful talent management – Today’s business leaders see talent attraction and retention as a pressing need for successful organisation transformation. Talent management has evolved. Not so long ago you would have been forgiven for thinking that your organisation was identifying, nurturing and promoting talented individuals through some unseen and secretive process. This has […]


Work / Life Balance

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In our modern digital world, it’s all too easy now to be available. We are connected using the latest technology pretty much 24/7. I have recently been chatting to businesses around the challenges faced by them and their teams, especially around setting work/ life boundaries. Achieving the balance between not working crazy hours and still […]


It Pays to be You

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Have you ever tried ”fitting in”? It’s hard work isn’t it?! It takes a lot of effort and energy to try and act, behave and talk like the others in the group. You entered the group as you, but by trying to fit in, you’ve become one of them. Which means you don’t stand out […]