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Giving back – Charity work

Here at MyPeopleClub, we’re so very proud that giving back and charity work is at the very forefront of what we do. Giving back is so important and we feel very strongly about supporting the wider community with fundraising initiatives as part of this venture.

From day one, a portion (£1.99) of each member’s monthly membership subscription is collected to go to the charity that we are supporting at that time. This money is collated each month and will be presented at year end (March each year). There will also be other opportunities for members to donate throughout the year, should they wish to do so. We’ll bring you more news on how to do this as we progress through the year.

The Founding Partners, Krystyna and James, will choose the first two charities, and then charities from that point on will be nominated and chosen by the MyPeopleClub members.

Charity Of The Year…

The first charity MyPeopleClub have chosen to support is Child Bereavement UK, who support families and educates professionals when a baby (or child of any age) dies or is dying, and when a child is facing bereavement.

Why this charity?

Co-founder James lost his mum very suddenly when he was only 10 years old and there wasn’t any support such as this to support and guide him, so he knows only too well what difference a charity like this can make to a young person.

As an adult, James has become a trained volunteer, working with young children during their journey through bereavement and currently spends time with his local Young Persons Action Group (who are a part of Child Bereavement UK) helping them become resilient and ready for what’s ahead.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss our charity work

Updates from Child Bereavement UK

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