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Disciplinary & Grievance


Save time, money and effort by downloading our Disciplinary & Grievance bundle!

All the templates you need to undertake a professional disciplinary/grievance process (and which will keep you on the right ride of employment legislation!).

(More info on the bundle below).

This bundle provides everything you need to ensure a smooth disciplinary or grievance process. Don’t delay, download it today!

Need to do a disciplinary investigation, disciplinary hearing, appeal and/or deal with a grievance?

Got templates for all scenarios? Templates to write the minutes?

If not, you’re in the right place! We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to!

This bundle covers everything you need to do a disciplinary, grievance and anything that might come with that. With 22 documents included, you’ll have everything you need to complete a slick, professional disciplinary or grievance process. We’ve even provided a checklist and a disciplinary and grievance policy to help you on the way!

Bundle includes:


  • Invite to Investigation Hearing
  • Outcome of Investigation Hearing (No Further Action)
  • Investigation Hearing Notes Template
  • Invite to Disciplinary Hearing
  • Suspension Letter & Invite to Disciplinary Hearing.
  • Second Invite to Disciplinary Hearing – Agreed Change of Date
  • Second Invite to Disciplinary Hearing – Failure to Attend
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – No Further Action
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Verbal Warning
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Written or Final Written Warning
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Decision in Absence – Summary dismissal
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Decision in Absence – With Notice
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Dismissal Without Notice
  • Disciplinary Hearing Outcome – Dismissal With Notice
  • Meeting Notes Template


  • Invite to Appeal Hearing
  • Outcome of Appeal Hearing
  • Appeal Hearing Notes Template


  • Invite to Grievance Hearing
  • Grievance Hearing Outcome Letter
  • Grievance Hearing Notes Template


Don’t wing it, we’ve put everything you need together, so you don’t have to – download the bundle today!

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