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HR Consultant

Calling all HR consultants!

Look, we get it. You’ve chosen to work for yourself so that you have the flexibility to do what works for you. But, being self-employed in HR can sometimes feel very lonely and isolating. We’ve been there too – that’s why we created MyPeopleClub!

With a MyPeopleClub membership you'll gain access to...

  • hundreds of ready-made resources that will save you time, money, effort and frustration (say goodbye to countless hours spent reformatting templates to sorta…kinda… fit your needs)
  • a community of other HR professionals who are also looking to grow their network and knowledge through connection and collaboration (you’ll be itching to connect with these folks every day to chat through your latest HR compliance issue or employee retention question)
  • an option to add on EML support so that you can stop worrying about legal issues and start putting that energy towards providing value for your clients (we all have enough to worry about in 2022…you don’t need another stressor in your life)

Winter Offer

£22 +VAT

per month

Get ready to fall in love with HR all over again!

Give me some of that HR love!