Lunchtime Learns

Lunchtime Learns

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December 2020

Fundamentals of successful talent management

November 2020

How to develop your career

October 2020

How to manage your time more effectively

The People Management Life Cycle

September 2020

A Managers Guide to Managing People Through Change

Developing Managers using the Blake & Mouton Model

August 2020

An Introduction to Belbin

The Learning Cycle

July 2020

An Introduction to DiSC

An Introduction to TetraMap

How to be Assertive!

June 2020

An introduction to NLP Part 2

Is Coaching the same as Mentoring?

May 2020

5 Steps to the Perfect Recruitment Process

How to Overcome Hurdles and Barriers

An Introduction to NLP

What does it take to be a good Coach?

April 2020

Furlough and Managing Staff through Coronavirus

Thriving in Challenging Times

What is Emotional Intelligence?

5 Steps to The Perfect Interview

March 2020

Mental Toughness and Resilience

Communication Skills

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