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Are you looking for a Grievance Invite for HR Professionals

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Grievance Invite

We all know that working in HR can be difficult, right?!

HR Resources & Guidance for HR Professionals. Trying to balance the needs of the business with the needs of the people can be tricky. HR can be a difficult and challenging role, it can also be a stressful and lonely role too.

HR are that integral department that have to look after everyone else, but more and more the question gets asked… who looks after HR?! Well, the answer to that is… WE DO!

Here’s what we want for you as a HR Professional:

🌟 To massively achieve in your role!
🌟 To gain confidence and competence so that you can be an invaluable HR superstar 🙂
🌟 To reduce stress, anxiety, frustration, long working hours, feelings of isolation…

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Are you in HR?

– If so, we’re here for you! We provide this online platform for all HR professionals who want to save time, gain insight, and connect with like-minded peers. When you become a member, you automatically join a professional HR community where we share templates, documents, resources, masterclasses, and so much more. MyPeopleClub helps you to succeed in your role by providing you with all the resources and community support you’ll need, giving you precious time back so that you can focus on the critical tasks in your remit and become a HR superstar!

– We’ve created a powerful, positive and safe place for HR professionals (at all levels) and we’re committed to helping you grow into your own as an HR professional, so join today and let’s get started!

Grievance Invite UK for HR Professionals
MyPeopleClub HR Resources & Membershipfor HR Professionals

Our mantra is Connect – Develop – Achieve

We want you to Connect with like-minded HR Professionals, to have a tribe there to bounce things off, to learn from, to network with. Community is massively important to our club! We also do lots of good things for our wider community with our charity work.

We want you to Develop – we’ve got all the template documents & professional resources you’ll need in your day to day world and this resource centre is ever expanding. We even have a CPD certified Disciplinary & Grievance Course!

We’ve also got a huge range of coaching & training documents and tools- all to help you develop into the strongest HR Professional you can possibly be. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got regular Masterclasses brought to you by external partnering experts to help you evolve and develop even further.

Finally, we want you to ACHIEVE! We want to support you throughout your career, no matter what stage you’re at.

Additional Bonus’

It’s also not all about work!

Us HR professionals need downtime too right?!

Got ya! You’ll also find a growing number of MPC partners offering exclusive member only offers/discounts from a huge range of services and products (including some nice bars and restaurants) – we all need a glass of wine sometimes don’t we?! 🤣

Want to be part of one of the fastest growing HR Communities in the UK?

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We can’t wait to welcome you to the club! 🙌 🎉

MyPeopleClub HR Resources & Guidance for HR Professionals

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MyPeopleClub is for you if:

  • You spend hours scouring the web for relevant resources and templates
  • You spend your own valuable time creating templates and documents
  • You can never seem to find the information you need online
  • You want to upskill yourself as an HR Manager or HR professional
  • You need a faster, more effective way to find reliable online HR resources
  • You’re tired of feeling isolated and want a supportive network of HR Professionals to bounce things off
  • You want to join an engaged, supportive and  professional HR community
MyPeopleClub provides real, personal online support for HR professionals who need a welcoming and professional space to connect, grow and engage.
Grievance Invite HR Resources

Connect, Collaborate and Supercharge your HR career!

Join a professional HR community that’s as excited about your success as you are. Once you become a member, you’ll be free to connect and collaborate with industry professionals just like you.


ConnectTo HR Experts

You can reach out to our HR community members and partnering experts to pick their brains about a certain issue, ask for advice, and to connect over shared experiences. The MPC community is there to support and help you progress in your HR career.

Develop Your HR Skills

Network, learn, use the resources. Develop your HR experience thanks to our comprehensive online support platform for HR professionals.

Collaborate With a Committed Community

Our community consists of HR professionals at all levels and there is something for everyone. By being there for each other and supporting one another, we reduce stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation or loneliness… this HR community is there for YOU!

It’s a dedicated, safe space to Connect, Develop and Achieve!

Fast Track Your Professional Development

Save time, money and effort! Our reliable, customisable online HR resources and community support will help you add value to your workplace and/or your clients’ and their employees’ lives. We want you to massively achieve in your role!

Read on to find out more about our resources…

Connect & Collaborate

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What else you can look forward to as a MyPeopleClub Member...

MyPeopleClub - Resources for HR Professionals

HR Resources

From comprehensive template designs to engaging, certified masterclasses, you can find everything you need to succeed when you join a professional HR community like ours. Our reliable online HR resources are high-quality, peer-reviewed, and ready to be accessed right now.

MyPeopleClub - Resources for Coaches


We won’t just provide you with reliable online HR resources as we all know HR encompasses so much more than that! In our coaching and training areas, you will find a wide range of online coaching & training resources to help you develop yourself and your teams.

MyPeopleClub - Resources for Trainers


Training and Learning and Development is a huge part of HR. In our training area, you will find a wide range of training aids to support you to deliver training in the workplace.



Gain a competitive edge in your industry by completing our comprehensive masterclasses that cover a variety of different skills and insights. Provided by partnering experts, these are not to be missed!

Don't just take our word for it...

Check out what our community members have to say below!

“Being in HR is a difficult job to do. There’s a really fine line between being there for the employees and managing things from a business perspective. HR’s job is all about supporting the business and employees but who supports HR? I know HR people can feel really lonely, isolated and burnt out and there really isn’t much support for them. MyPeopleClub offers a safe haven for HR Professionals, a place where they can get to know each other, network, chat in a safe environment. It’s so important for our mental health that we have these places and one of the things I love about MPC is that it’s not just all about work, it’s also about HR people as people, as individuals, so there’s lots of Member offers HR people can use in their downtime, for things like restaurants, bars, holistic services and more! It’s a great place to be and I think it will just get better and better so if you’re in HR, I would highly recommend it!”

Nicola S

“On first looking at MyPeopleClub, I was nicely surprised by how much information was available from the start.”

Lorraine S

“When looking through the templates, I found there was such a wide range available to meet so many scenarios. It was great reassurance to know that I could have these ready should a relevant situation arise.”

Mike T

“Sometimes it can be quite isolating in HR, particularly as a senior HR Professional. I’ve found it quite lonely at times and it’s been so great for my own mental health & sanity to find a community like MyPeopleClub, a place where I can bounce ideas around, ask for advice, or even just to network and chat to other HR Professionals, whether it’s about work stuff or things just going on in life. MyPeopleClub is friendly, professional and is a safe space for HR professionals and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!”

Chris M.

“Working in HR is stressful and busy! We have to juggle dozens of things all at once and I find it really stressful and time consuming to have to research/find/create templates and documents. I love MyPeopleClub because it takes that stress away, there’s lots of really useful, customisable templates on the website, everything you need in your day to day HR role. Time is so precious for me, I don’t want to be working evenings and week ends if I can help it and by being part of a community where good quality resources are available and there’s so much other stuff on offer too, well it was a complete no brainer for me to join up.”

Victoria P

“I’m reasonably new to HR, having only done it for a couple of years so there’s lots to learn! I’m ambitious and want to fast track my success, so joining MyPeopleClub was an easy decision for me to make. It saves so much time! I’ve got a bank of ready made resources to tap into, there’s coaching and training documents/templates, there’s Masterclasses and Q&A sessions all so I can develop further AND there’s a ready made community where I can ask for help and advice. I really think MyPeopleClub is such a time saver and will really help me develop into a great HR professional too!”

Louise M

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