How to stay motivated and positive during challenging times

Challenging times and situations can appear to spring upon us at any moment! You may suddenly find yourself acutely aware of changes and challenges ahead of you both personally and professionally. Whether that is a supplier challenge, a global pandemic, or a more personal issue such as family bereavement, challenges are inevitable in life and affect us and everyone around us.

There will be some people who will seemingly take all challenges in their stride, whilst others appear to be more affected. More importantly if you are running a small business, having the right support, tools, and resources, is essential to your success!

The difference between people who tackle challenges well and those who struggle is the way that they respond to situations and challenges in life and business, and having the appropriate execution plan in place.

Many challenges arise from sources or factors which are beyond our control, in challenging times the only thing we have control over is the way we respond to these challenges which life throws at us.

Once you realise that you only have control over your personal response to challenges, you can start to empower yourself by changing your mindset or attitude to a situation. This alone is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with challenges and can make the difference between thriving or just surviving challenging times.

What are you in control of?

The harsh reality is, that you only really have control over yourself. Although many may believe they have control over other aspects of their life or people, the reality is very different. This alone can be a frustration for many and can be a hard lesson to learn.

What you do have control of, is your mindset, attitude, and response to the challenges you are facing.

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How to stay motivated and positive during challenging times

When it comes to dealing with challenges in the workplace, it’s key to take stock of where you are, your current feelings, and remember to take time for self-care. This can help ensure your mindset remains solid.

Tools to help maintain a positive mindset.

Here are some simple tools to help keep your mindset!


Exercise is an excellent way to maintain a healthy mindset and body. When we exercise we release endorphins, which in turn make us a ‘feel-good factor’ about ourselves can really shift your mood.

Exercise gives you the ability to focus your mind on something other than the challenges you are currently facing. You will often hear people say ‘exercise clears my mind’, and it really does give your brain a break from your thought patterns.

If you exercise outside you have the additional benefit of fresh air and vitamin D, all of which contribute to the euphoric feeling you get from exercise.

Don’t worry we are not expecting you to start running marathons! A simple 20 min walk can do the trick.

Create daily routines.

Create a daily routine around building a positive mindset. This can start by limiting exposure to negative aspects of your life. Limiting the amount of time you spend watching the news, social media, or TV can have a profound effect on your overall mindset.

Once you have limited some of the negative aspects of life, it’s now time to replace those with something more positive. Whether that’s listening to an inspirational podcast, picking up a book, or simply taking time to express daily gratitude in your gratitude journal. I challenge you every day this week to write 3-5 things you are grateful for, this practice is particularly important during challenging times & will help you build a stronger, more positive mindset.

Creating a daily routine gives you a chance to improve your mindset and eliminate negative factors, all whilst giving your day structure and setting you up for success.

Seeking opportunities to thrive

Earlier on in this article, we discussed how little control we actually have over the challenges we all face. However this doesn’t mean we can’t do anything or that we shouldn’t do something to help us through these challenging times. As a business owner there are many ways you can take action through challenging times.

Creating a plan for thriving

Start by writing down everything which is in your mind, what you want to achieve, and the perceived blockers in your way. Once you have written this down you can start to create an action plan to help you achieve your desired outcome or goals.

This is best done with a traditional pen and paper, as you have the freedom to quickly write what comes up In your mind.

Your next steps are to break down your big goals into smaller action steps, and set dates of when you would like to complete this.

We recommend checking this plan twice a day. Tick off every task as they are completed, no matter how small they are, as these smaller steps are all steps to help you achieve your outcome or goals.

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