Furlough Information and Templates

“Furlough” is an American term and has no prior meaning in UK employment law. In the US, it means to allow or force someone to be absent temporarily from work. It’s defined online as either the granting of a period of leave or the leave itself. “Furlough” is a word not previously seen in English employment legislation and is now probably the most Googled word in the UK!

In the scenario we find ourselves in with Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the Government has introduced Furlough. Furlough allows organisations to essentially lay people off for a prolonged period of time with reduced pay as an alternative to redundancy. This is the Government’s way of attempting to avoid mass redundancies.

The furlough scheme closed at the end of September 2021. These templates will remain on the platform in case furlough is re-introduced at a later date.

Please seek legal/professional advice for full information.