Identifying stress in the workplace

If you missed our Friday live last week, I was joined by Narelle Summers a wellbeing at work coach and speaker. She explained why having quality me time and moments of mindfulness are so important to our overall wellbeing. She also demonstrated some amazing stress busting techniques, so go check the replay over in our FB group.

What do we mean by quality me time?

Well, Narelle explained that this is simply time on your own doing activities away from your workplace, job, family, and friends. It can be as simple as a long walk, soak in the bath, listening to music or reading a book – or as extravagant as a weekend away, spa break. The main thing is you are doing something you enjoy, and it’s looking after you! 

Do you schedule in quality me time? 

Our minds and bodies talk to us, they’re very good at signalling what they need – are you listening to yours? 

Narelle used a great analogy which really resonated with me. She simply asked, how often do you allow your mobile phone to run out of charge? If like me, your answer is NEVER, then why do we allow ourselves to run out of energy? It’s crazy right? 

If only we charged ourselves as much as our mobile devices, then we’d feel more energised, motivated and be far more productive. 

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, we are not present in the moment. It’s likely you’ll be thinking of what needs to be achieved in the future or dwelling on past mistakes or occurrences. Narelle shared why being present in the moment is important for calming the mind and re-energising our soul. 

There’re so many great tools out there for bringing calm back to ourselves but it’s knowing where to find them and then using them consistently – practice makes perfect after all! Whether it’s learning breathing techniques, EFT, havening or many of the other modalities that can bring calm, we all have to learn to use them and then remember to use them in those moments of panic!

Here’s a great mindfulness drinking activity Narelle shared that can be done anywhere at any time: Mindfulness drinking involves paying close attention to your drink, sounds simple, well it is! It can be practised anytime you feel those anxieties creeping in. 

Pause with your drink, feel the warmth of the cup, look at the cup, take time to smell the coffee/tea, savour your sip and taste its full flavour. It’s really grounding when we pause for just a couple of minutes to appreciate your drink. Focus on the cup and the drink and let all other thoughts go for that moment. Be grateful in that moment – I was once told, whenever you go off track, bring yourself back to gratitude and you’ll immediately feel a bit better.

Remember, you are responsible for you, and scheduling in that time just for you is so important. 

If you didn’t catch our live session, then do head on over to the Facebook group where you can catch the replay – there’s some great tips in there!