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Introduction to Coaching


Save time, money and effort and fast track your coaching success by downloading our Coaching bundle!

All the templates you need to start becoming an excellent coach. Build confidence and competence by using our coaching material and guidance.

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This bundle provides everything you need to start your coaching journey. Don’t delay, download it today!

Want to become a successful coach within your organisation?

We all know that as HR professionals, we end up not only doing HR activities and guiding companies to stay on the right side of employment legislation, but in many cases, we also end up training, coaching, mentoring people within the business.

Often little training is given (a bit like people get promoted to Management roles because they’re good at their job and then don’t get any management training), often HR folk haven’t been trained to coach and mentor others.

This bundle covers everything you need to start your coaching journey. With 8 resources in the bundle including a coaching guide to get you started, resources on a coaching approach, coaching as a manager, different coaching models/frameworks, assessments and a coaching workbook, this bundle is a great start for those dipping their toes into becoming more proficient as a coach.

Bundle includes:

  • Coaching guide (docx)
  • Coaching approach (docx)
  • Coaching as a manager (docx)
  • Coaching model GROW (docx)
  • Coahing model STAR (docx)
  • Coaching workbook (pptx)
  • Coaching session assessment (docx)
  • Manger coaching self-assessment (docx)

Don’t wing it, we’ve put everything you need together to get started, so you don’t have to – download the bundle today!

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