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Save time, money and effort by downloading our Menopause bundle!

All the templates you need to start embedding support, policies, procedures and practices around menopause in the workplace  (and which will keep you on the right ride of employment legislation!).

(More info on the bundle below).

This bundle provides everything you need to start making change within your workforce. Don’t delay, download it today!

Need to think about menopause support within your workplace?

Got policies and procedures already embedded in your organisation?

If not, you’re in the right place! We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to!

This bundle covers all things Menopause. We’ve developed a comprehensive Menopause Guide (explaining everything about Menopause and how to support people within the workforce with Menopause), a comprehensive Menopause Policy, a wellbeing form, a wellbeing action plan and a menopause checklist.

Bundle includes:

  • Menopause guide (pdf)
  • Wellbeing form (docx)
  • Wellbeing action plan template (docx)
  • Menopause checklist (docx)

Don’t wing it, we’ve put everything you need together, so you don’t have to – download the bundle today!

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