Adrian Hide

Adrian Hide


I’m Adrian, I’m a driver risk management specialist; I can almost hear you saying, ‘what on earth is one of those’, was I right? 

I’ve been involved in road safety for over three decades, previously working in both the public and private sector, but now I run my own driver risk management consultancy, helping businesses to understand and manage their driving activities, so as to comply with health and safety law, reduce accidents and make safe diving part of the businesses DNA. 

Permit me to elaborate:

Health and safety is a term that is broadly understood by most people, and when an organisation has five or more employees, the business must have a documented health and safety programme in place, it’s all about protecting people, making for a safe working environment. The bit that is less well understood is that of driver risk management, and what a business should have in place, not just because it’s a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act, it’s because any responsible employer would want to manage driver safety, it’s the right thing to do.

Who Adrian loves to work with:

I love to work with forward-thinking and caring organisations where people come first, and where the controlling mind of the business says things like:

  • We accept that driving is a high-risk activity.
  • We are concerned for the safety of our staff who drive for work and…
  • We want to do everything possible to keep them and others safe.
  • We would be concerned if a member of our staff had a road-related incident and it was subsequently found out that we didn’t have everything in place to manage driver safety and what’s more…
  • We’d be worried that we might end up with a hefty fine and…
  • Because our brand and reputation is important to us, we’d be mortified if this was damaged in any way

Okay, so what does a business need to have in place then:

That’s a great question, its essentially a range of practices and procedures that make for a culture of good driver safety in the workplace. The Health & Safety Executive provide a comprehensive set of guidelines called, ‘Driving for work’, my job is to turn these guidelines into workable practices for the business.

The best way to figure out what good driver risk management is all about is to watch a short (6 minute) video.  Imagine you are the Managing Director being interviewed in the video, listen to what the Police Officer is asking for, can your business evidence all of these things? LINK to video.

Did you know – If a business were to suffer a serious incident, that ended up in Court, fines start at around 20% of turnover, and, if there is a fatality involved, a custodial sentence can be handed out under the Corporate Manslaughter act.

Do we or don’t we manage driver safety well?

Another great question, and I’m so pleased you may be thinking this. You’ve probably got a pretty good idea yourself if you’ve watched the video ‘when things go wrong’ but if you’d like to take this thought to the next stage, why not book a free discovery meeting with me, together we will take a look at what you have in place, what you don’t, what you need and what your vision is for managing driver safety.  I can then make some recommendations that may result in one of the following happening:

  • You’ve got is all covered, in which case well done you.
  • We know what we ned to do now, so thank you Adrian, we’ve got it from here or
  • Yep, we’ve some gaps and could do with some help

The level of support I provide will very much depend on you, your expertise, resources and of course, budget, but, what I do won’t break the bank, unlike a fine which might!

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Essential Driver Risk Management Toolkit – this is an online resource, it’s a kind of DIY approach, you download my comprehensive guide and templates, just add time, and you’ll have a good driver risk management programme in place.
  • Platinum – Driver Risk Management service, this is ideal for businesses who don’t have the time or resources to work their way through the toolkit, just want someone to get the programme up and running, and hand it over to them to manage on an ongoing basis or…
  • Platinum-Plus – this simply ads a new dimension to ‘Platinum’, whereby we manage your ongoing programme, leaving you free to do what you do best. We’ll also be on hand as your ‘virtual’ driver risk manager as well as taking care of the annual review of your key policy documents.

What about driver training

Wow, you ask so many great questions, so as you’ve asked, online training is an efficient and effective way to imbed a safe driving culture in your business. There are three courses on offer:

  • Safer van driving course
  • Eco-safe driving (for drivers of cars)
  • Electric Vehicles (a course specifically for those new to driving an electric vehicle)

On-road practical training can also be facilitated as well as Director Briefings and Line Manager training workshops.

How to contact Adrian:

Discovery meetings:

If you’d like to chat on the phone or via Zoom, feel free to grab some of my time via the below links:

Thank you for taking a look at my page, if I can help you in any way, I’d love to hear from you.

Best regards,

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