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In this new world where, at the moment, you can’t shake hands, ‘work the room’ or easily read the other person’s body language, Kintish Online Networking helps you ensure that all your time spent on Zoom and other virtual communication channels is of value by planning a strategy and taking regular effective action – getting you closer to the genuine thing.

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‘Live’ online training

You might agree that there is a groundswell of opinion that the business community is embracing online communication because it has to. But what happens when we can return to coffee shops for 1-2-1’s, conferences and networking events?

One prediction is that for years to come and maybe forever, both forms of networking will become the norm. Just think of the time and cost saving as one major benefit of online networking. We used to ‘Work the Room’ now we have to ‘Work the Zoom’.

The ‘Live’ online training workshops range from 1-hour to half a day and show you how to become an effective top-class online networker (and understand face-to face for the future). Head to the website to find out more and decide on the right workshop for you!

Check out our range of courses or contact us for a bespoke session.

Online Networking Programme

Never before has effective leadership been more important; or more challenging. We now lead from computers on virtual platforms, juggling priorities that shift daily as our businesses respond to the global situation.

This is a time for a clam, disciplined approach to leadership; a time for being aware of how your mindset and behaviours influence your effectiveness. Your challenge as a leader is to ensure all your actions are purposeful and help keep the organisation on course, while maintaining employee motivation and commitment, client relationships and stakeholder confidence. There’s a lot of pressure on leaders. Leading Through Turbulent Times is a 90-minute interactive webinar focused on helping leaders manage their business and their people through these challenging times. You’ll learn some concrete steps to take to address common challenges and continue to make a strong leadership contribution.

Through the webinar you will:

  • Learn how to apply a six-step approach to successfully manage your business and your people through turbulent times.
  • Understand the importance of being aware of your mood and its impact on the people you interact with.
  • Learn how preferences manifest in leadership; both on a good and bad day.
  • Understand Colour Energy stress behaviours and identify what may be showing up for you.
  • Learn the most common business challenges organisations are experiencing currently and discuss solutions to address those that are negatively impacting you.
  • Learn how Insights Colour Energies can help you generate innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • Be ale to leverage Insights Discovery to recognise the human side of turbulence and meet the challenge of these times.
  • Know how to facilitate dialogue among leaders about the most effective actions to help your business

This course can be purchased individually or via a monthly corporate subscription. Head to the website to find out more and decide on the right course for you!

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