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LearningCog are an independent leadership, management, sales training and development consultancy. We work with you by integrating in to your business, identifying and developing bespoke best practice solutions, using a pragmatic and logical methodology. LearningCog successfully enables your business to deliver, coach, drive and sustain individual, team and company elite performance resulting in outstanding business results and extraordinary growth.


An Introduction to Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is an internationally recognised psychometric assessment tool designed to give you practical, actionable ways to adapt your communication. You will come away from the online workshop with new tools to help you eliminate common communication issues that individuals and teams often struggle with. If you are new to ‘colour psychometrics’ or ‘colour energies’, our Virtual Learning platform is an ideal introduction. You will explore your own personal style and how you can adapt to get the best out of all your communications with others whilst investigating your strengths, areas for development and potential blind spots. We also take time to look at developing skills around influencing and motivation.

By the end of Virtual Learning: An Introduction to Insights Discovery, you will be able to:
– Understand yourself and gain perspective of others using the Insights Discovery character model.
– Understand the Insights Discovery Four Colour System.
– Adapt your style to get the best out of a situation by understanding personal preferences.

£149.00 + VAT

Leading Through Turbulent Times

Never before has effective leadership been more important; or more challenging. We now lead from computers on virtual platforms, juggling priorities that shift daily as our businesses respond to the global situation.
This is a time for a clam, disciplined approach to leadership; a time for being aware of how your mindset and behaviours influence your effectiveness. Your challenge as a leader is to ensure all your actions are purposeful and help keep the organisation on course, while maintaining employee motivation and commitment, client relationships and stakeholder confidence. There’s a lot of pressure on leaders. Leading Through Turbulent Times is a 90-minute interactive webinar focused on helping leaders manage their business and their people through these challenging times. You’ll learn some concrete steps to take to address common challenges and continue to make a strong leadership contribution.

Through the webinar you will:
– Learn how to apply a six-step approach to successfully manage your business and your people through turbulent times.
– Understand the importance of being aware of your mood and its impact on the people you interact with.
– Learn how preferences manifest in leadership; both on a good and bad day.
– Understand Colour Energy stress behaviours and identify what may be showing up for you.
– Learn the most common business challenges organisations are experiencing currently and discuss solutions to address those that are negatively impacting you.
– Learn how Insights Colour Energies can help you generate innovative solutions to business challenges.
– Be ale to leverage Insights Discovery to recognise the human side of turbulence and meet the challenge of these times.
– Know how to facilitate dialogue among leaders about the most effective actions to help your business

£99.00 + VAT

Pitch Community

Pitch has been designed to support small business, independent sole traders and creatives. The programme is for those that do not fall into a full-time salesperson role but are rather the subject matter experts; the creatives that deliver amazing business to business projects for their clients. The community is for those that have not had formal sales training but would like to up-skill in this area and generate more business, closing more deals and delighting more clients with the work they do.

The programme consists of six, 3-hour Sales Training and Development workshops covering aspects of the Consultative Selling Approach. These workshops are designed to deliver against the needs of each individual, and those of their business. All workshops are customer focused and enable the individual to fully own the customer as part of the sales process – delivering on the customers’ needs first and foremost:

£450.00 + VAT

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

An employee’s skills and qualifications are important for success within their role. An employee’s Emotional Intelligence is just as important, if not more so, for fulfilment within, or potentially beyond, their current role. The Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace workshop is designed to as part of an individual’s development in work settings. It helps individuals focus on the impact of emotional intelligence at work and offers suggestions for working more effectively in one’s role, with colleagues, managers and clients.

From this event you will be able to:

– Understand the impact of Emotional Intelligence on themselves and the people around them.
– Quickly identify patterns in own and others Emotional Intelligence.
– Create a clear, organised understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in a constructive way.
– Effectively measure where they currently are and wants to be by comparing results against sample groups of general population.
– Make instant connections between different subscales of Emotional Intelligence and help leverage EI strengths and improve EI weaknesses.
– Create an action plan to develop key areas of Emotional Intelligence.
– Become a more effect member of the team and organisation.

£295.00 + VAT

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