Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps

Businesses tend to put time and money into improving skills as they understand skills learning and development.  But even if skill levels are at 10 out of 10, if motivation is at say 6 out of 10, the best productivity they are ever going to get is 60%.  Companies do not tend to put resources into improving motivation as they do not fully understand how to measure and enhance it.

Motivational Maps are an ISO accredited self-perception assessment that involves a simple 10-15 minute questionnaire online which produces a report showing individuals what motivates them most amongst 9 motivators.

We then have a debrief session to help them understand the report and also how well each of their motivators is met, i.e. how satisfied they are.

Motivational Maps give individuals the benefits of:

– identifying what they are motivated by
– show them what they want and need at work and in life
– measuring to what extent their Motivators are being met
– helping drive up motivation levels
– helping them make better life, business and career choices
– improving their soft skills and have positive impact on others
– providing a realistic action plan for maximising their motivation

In addition, a Team Motivational Map can be produced which helps organisations across a broad spectrum with areas such as:

– team productivity and performance
– recruitment and retention
– knowing and understanding each other
– common team purpose
– reward strategies
– communication
– leadership and conflict management

Individual Maps are an investment of just £300 per employee.  This includes the Map, a full individual report, a personal debrief session and assistance with strategies going forward and a Motivational Action Plan.

A bespoke proposal can be put together for Team Maps and debriefs, depending on the circumstances, what challenges there are to be solved etc

Below you will find links to: Example report which the client gets, together with the summary sheet that shows all the different satisfaction levels for each motivator.  We use this as the basis of the debrief.  Also listed below an example of a Team Data Table.

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