Narelle Summers

Stress in the workplace is on the increase!

Learn the simple techniques to keep your staff happy, healthy and productive.

Are you:

Focused on promoting and supporting the wellbeing of your employees?
Eager to improve employee engagement across your organisation?
Determined to provide a better working environment and keen to reduce absenteeism?

I share tips and techniques in my keynote that will help everyone to reduce stress, increase self-esteem and gain confidence, all of which will enhance their performance. Ultimately a happy workforce means fewer costs and more profits. My speeches and training will also help you to create a better working environment and future for your employees, both at work and home.

Narelle Summers – Professional Speaker and Emotional Wellbeing Coach. Qualified practitioner in both Havening Techniques® and Goal Mapping, as well as a Neuro Linguist Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. Narelle has over ten years’ experience working in the NHS, working within education and communications training. In just a few simple easy to follow steps Narelle can help you and your employees enjoy a much more productive and fulfilled work life.


With all one-to-one sessions currently going ahead on Zoom, Narelle can work around schedules. Each session is individually tailored to the staff member, in order to get the best results. One-to-one sessions are available for Havening, Goal Mapping and NLP. One-to-one sessions can help with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem.

After these sessions staff will instantly feel relaxed, calmer, lighter confident and positive.

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