Sales Skills Accelerator

Sales Skills Accelerator

Sales Skills Accelerator

Sales Skills Accelerator

We help to increase the 4 R’s

What makes us different from other sales experts is that we specialise in Emotional Intelligence.

We believe this is the piece of the puzzle that is missing.

What makes us say this? Practical sales training is essential and that is why businesses who mean business about sales already recognise this and invest in it.

Billions of pounds are spent on sales training and yet sales results remain the biggest headache for businesses.

Why is that? It doesn’t make sense.

We believe it’s due to the missing piece, Emotional Intelligence.

This is the piece that your team need help with. A lack of emotion management is the biggest reason for inconsistent sales results. (not a lack of selling skills). Businesses keep working on the wrong end of the problem and misdiagnosing the problem. They often throw more money at more sales training. Salespeople do know what to do. (they have been trained) So why don’t they do it?

It’s called the “knowledge-Performance-gap”. It comes down to emotions management. Companies sell more with emotionally intelligent salespeople.

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