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Capturing employee feedback is a critical part of driving employee engagement. It helps with key decision making; avoiding risk and driving innovation, change and growth.

We’ve built our game changing employee survey platform, to make it easy and engaging to capture employee feedback when it really matters.

Our platform delivers feedback surveys via WhatsApp – giving your teams a fantastic user experience and removing the “email-barrier” from reaching your entire team.

With the support of our client success team, we’ll help you uncover blockers, surface great ideas and build employee engagement – so your team can deliver the future of your business.

We’ll support your set up and design a survey that will deliver you feedback that is tailored and relevant to your business. We’ll then help you understand the results and turn them into actions and next steps.

We also work with HR Consultants, either directly with clients, or behind the scenes, to provide as little or as much support as needed to deliver a great end result to the client.

If your business has large numbers of non-email users, enjoys tech, doesn’t enjoy email, is working remotely or is just looking for a really engaging way to capture employee feedback – Space HR can help! Pricing from £3 per employee per month.

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