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Becky Field – Westfield Coaching

Effective 121 & Group Coaching & Coaching Supervision

I help business owners and their teams to recognise and harness their strengths through scienced-based profiling that enables you to make kick-ass decisions for both you and your teams!

I guarantee effective & immediate results with impactful, long-lasting changes with 121 strength profile sessions and team workshops online & face-to-face.

I am a confidential sounding board, a sorter-outer, cheerleader, challenger and a kind and kick ass Coach who works with you with a no-nonsense approach. I am a wonderful impartial presence when needed.

Let’s face it, time is precious, why waste it stroking like a feather when we can smash the glass ceiling and make effective change.

I work with people who seriously want to make changes and to really invest in their team by finding out about how they work best and using their unique strengths to fuel your business.

My approach has been described as “no nonsense but kind” or “Kind and Kick Ass!”, I don’t drag a dead horse through my coaching programmes, if you want in, and want success, whatever that means to you, get in touch. I am ready!!


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