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MyPeopleClub is a vibrant new community for HR Professionals, Coaches & Trainers. It’s a place to get everything you need to succeed – in one place!

Creating a strong community and support network for people in the industry is something we’re very proud to be spearheading. An online community and learning platform, MyPeopleClub is packed with all the stuff we wish we’d had access to during our career journeys!

Supporting others is really at the heart of this new venture and with that in mind, MyPeopleClub will also be supporting the wider community with part of each member’s monthly subscription fee being donated to charity, and with other fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

We invite you to come on this exciting journey with us – join MyPeopleClub today!

Krys and James

“When looking through the templates, I found there was such a wide range available to meet so many scenarios. It was a great reassurance to know that I could have these ready should a relevant situation arise.”


Just some of the benefits of joining MyPeopleClub today!

HR Resources

You will have access to a large HR Resource Centre as a member. Here, you will find template letters, documents, policies and much, much more.

This will be an ever expanding resource centre to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips!

Coaching Resources

In the coaching section of the site, you will find lots of coaching aids, models and documents to help you develop as a coach yourself, and to help you with any coaching sessions that you might undertake.

Mentoring Opportunities

This is definitely something we wish we had access to during our careers, particularly early on! You will be able to volunteer as a mentor on the site (and be rewarded for doing so) and for those of you needing a mentor or some advice, you will be able to connect with seasoned experts to help you out. Join now to find out more!

MyPeopleClub Community

You will be able to build your profile on the site and connect to other members. There will be the opportunity to seek advice from others, connect, search and message one another and really grow your community and support network. The platform will also be very much member led, so we welcome all your ideas and we will do our best to action what we can!


As a member, you will have access to monthly masterclasses provided by external experts. These will cover a broad range of topics, and along with the masterclasses, there will be Q&A sessions so that you can ‘ask the experts’. We’ve got some amazing people/organisations involved so far and some really informative masterclasses to bring to you all!

Training Resources

In this section of the site, you will have access to a wealth of training material – everything from icebreakers, to training models, slide decks and case studies that can be used in training (and much more!) – everything we can think of to help you develop and train your staff.

Supporting the wider community

As we’ve talked about, supporting others is tremendously important to us. By joining MyPeopleClub, you will automatically be supporting nominated charities through your monthly subscription, every single month. There will also be additional opportunities to support these charities throughout the year. These charities do amazing work and we want to do everything we can to help them.

Member Discounts

As the MyPeopleClub community grows, we will continue to develop a large range of discounts and offers for you.

“The masterclass videos were very eye opening and I like how they were broken down into small clips so you can watch one when you have a few minute’s which makes them even more accessible.”

Join our online community of HR Professionals, Coaches and Trainers

HR Resources, Coaching and Training all in one place supporting you and your business!

“On first looking at MyPeopleClub, I was nicely surprised by how much information was available from the start.”

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