MyPeopleClub is a vibrant, growing community of HR professionals...

It's a place to get everything you need to succeed... in one place!

MyPeopleClub is a vibrant, growing community of HR professionals...

It's a place to get everything you need to succeed... in one place!...

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Giving back is so important and we feel very strongly about supporting the wider community with fundraising initiatives as part of this venture.

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Get The HR  Support You Deserve.
Are you an HR professional?
Then this community and membership is for you!
Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or just stepping into the field of HR, we’re excited to welcome you into our fold.


MyPeopleClub is for you if:

  • You spend hours scouring the web for relevant resources and templates
  • You spend your own valuable time creating templates and documents
  • You can never seem to find the information you need online
  • You want to upskill yourself as an HR Manager or HR professional
  • You need a faster, more effective way to find reliable online HR resources
  • You’re tired of feeling isolated and want a supportive network of HR Professionals to bounce things off
  • You want to join an engaged, supportive and  professional HR community
MyPeopleClub provides real, personal online support for HR professionals who need a welcoming and professional space to connect, grow and engage.

MyPeopleClub - THE place to come for all HR Professionals!

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We’re More Than HR!

We're real people who care about real people!

As an HR professional, you're dedicated to creating meaningful, supportive and fair environments for employees and managers alike. Just like you, we care about the people behind the businesses. However, sometimes, the question gets asked... "but who supports HR?!" The answer? We do!

That's why we provide this online platform for all HR professionals who want to save time, gain insight, and connect with like-minded peers. When you become a member, you automatically join a professional HR community where we share templates, documents, resources, masterclasses, and so much more.

That’s not all though!

A part of every member's monthly subscription fee goes towards supporting a chosen charity. Giving back and helping others is incredibly important to us and is the foundation on which MyPeopleClub has been built.

We're committed to helping you grow into your own as an HR professional, so join today and let’s get started!

What you can look forward to as a MyPeopleClub Member...

MyPeopleClub - Resources for HR Professionals

HR Resources

From comprehensive template designs to engaging, certified masterclasses, you can find everything you need to succeed when you join a professional HR community like ours. Our reliable online HR resources are high-quality, peer-reviewed, and ready to be accessed right now.

MyPeopleClub - Resources for Coaches


We won’t just provide you with reliable online HR resources as we all know HR encompasses so much more than that! In our coaching and training areas, you will find a wide range of online coaching & training resources to help you develop yourself and your teams.

MyPeopleClub - Resources for Trainers


Training and Learning and Development is a huge part of HR. In our training area, you will find a wide range of training aids to support you to deliver training in the workplace.



Gain a competitive edge in your industry by completing our comprehensive masterclasses that cover a variety of different skills and insights. Provided by partnering experts, these are not to be missed!

Steps to Success:


Click on one of roles below to find out more about your Steps to Sucess!

Connect & Collaborate!

Join a professional HR community that’s as excited about your success as you are. Once you become a member, you’ll be free to connect and collaborate with industry professionals just like you.

Connect & Collaborate

Partner With HR Professionals

Join a professional HR community that’s as excited about your success as you are. Once you become a member, you’ll be free to connect and collaborate with industry professionals just like you.

Receive Trusted Guidance

Our community consists of HR professionals of different levels. Entry-level HR practitioners can look to experienced professionals for advice, mentorship, and guidance.

Get The Support You Deserve

Our reliable online HR resources will help you add value to your workplace and/or your clients’ and their employees’ lives.

Collaborate With a Committed Community

Each member of our community is dedicated to growing and improving our industry. It’s a dedicated, safe space to connect, develop and achieve!

Upskill Your HR Career

Change Your Life


Chat To HR Experts

You can reach out to our partnering experts and different community members to pick their brains about a certain issue, ask for advice, and even connect over shared experiences.

Develop Your HR Skills

Receive training, become certified, gain practical experience, and do so much more thanks to our comprehensive online support for HR managers and professionals.

Get HR Certified

Our masterclasses give you the chance to get real-world training and experience that you can showcase with a certification you’ll receive upon completion.

Ask Questions and Give Answers

We're a give-and-take kind of community, which means that we answer questions as often as we ask them. We hold regular live Q&A sessions for our members.


Who We Are

Our founder, Krystyna, recognised the huge need for better, more personal support for HR professionals of all different levels and qualifications. With more than 20 years of experience in her field, Krystyna has seen first-hand how important community and care can be for HR professionals in the modern world. With that in mind, she set out to create a platform that could give HR professionals the space to connect, the resources to thrive, and the genuine, personal guidance they need to succeed.

Don't just take our word for it...

Check out what our community members have to say below!

More feedback from our HR community...

"I had a good look around. It looks fab. I like the layout, it’s very intuitive and easy to use."
C. Bird, Inspired Thinking Group

"On first looking at MyPeopleClub, I was nicely surprised by how much information was available from the start."
L. Stamp, Coach & Leadership Facilitator

"When looking through the templates, I found there was such a wide range available to meet so many scenarios. It was great reassurance to know that I could have these ready should a relevant situation arise."
M. Tindall, Matt Tindall PT

"The masterclass videos were very eye opening and I like how they were broken down into small clips so you can watch one when you have a few minutes, which makes them even more accessible."
C. Lloyd, SDC Limited

Join our online community of HR Professionals today!

HR Resources, Coaching and Training all in one place supporting you and your business!

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MyPeopleClub - Helping to make life easier for all HR Professionals!

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