Career Garage

Career Garage

Are you in HR & having to let people go?

Could you include a session with Career Garage, in an exit plan?

This would be amazing added value to that employee, putting them on the right path from day 1 of their job search project?

Career Garage can deliver 1-2-1s or group sessions, on Zoom or F2F across Greater Manchester & Cheshire…

  • Is their CV & profile on LinkedIn going to gain any interest from perspective employers, will their profile lead to them being approached, headhunted?
  • Have they heard of, or explored the hidden job market?
  • Do they understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is selecting candidates, a human may never see their application?
  • Have they applied for 10, 20, 50 jobs & not received any response?
  • How to become a ‘proactive’ applicant, instead of being a ‘reactive’ applicant?
  • Are they finding themselves applying for roles, they don’t even want, because they’re losing confidence, due to lack of response?
  • Do they need to know the processes for applying for roles in 2022? The changes aren’t obvious, if they don’t know, they don’t know… Career Garage knows…
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