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Inspire Excellence is a HR, Coaching and Training Consultancy based in South Warrington, in the North West of England. With integrity at its core, the consultancy’s mission is to help individuals smash their goals through tailored coaching programmes and to help organisations achieve success by supporting all HR, Coaching and Training needs.

I'm Krystyna, the Founding Partner of Inspire Excellence, a leading HR, Coaching & Training Consultancy. I’ve spent over twenty years working with people at all levels, across a broad range of sectors. It was my dream was to do something a little differently and to have my own business where I could use my experience and knowledge to work with a variety of different individuals and organisations as a trusted partner, to help them achieve success!

Having felt the effects of negative behaviours and non-inclusive workplace cultures, both personally and through working with global clients, it is my objective to help create efficient, productive, and happy working environments, through effective people engagement, coaching, education and through efficient HR systems & frameworks that make people management much easier.

In terms of HR, having worked in many senior roles, including being a HR Director for a large Global organisation, I bring high level strategy and an understanding of corporate and operational challenges to clients I work with – but more than that, I commit to finding solutions that actually inspire, motivate and produce excellence.

I’ve had experience of working with organisations of all sizes from small SME’s to large global corporate organisations and I’ve worked in all capacities within HR. My experience spans from being very hands on and operational, through to sitting in board meetings and being key in setting the strategic direction and people strategy for the Company.

With regard to coaching/training/mentoring, as a Fellow of the CIPD, a Master NLP Practitioner and someone highly committed to personal development, I have a real fascination with human behaviour. I have studied and qualified in a wide range of disciplines over the years, including NLP, psychology, CBT, EFT and various coaching qualifications, including the ILM Coaching & Mentoring Diploma. Through my coaching, training and mentoring, I bring business knowledge together with personal development, which enables me to really understand the needs of the individuals involved, in order to effect change quickly and with impact.

Results are the basis of everything we do at Inspire Excellence and with a forward thinking approach and a drive to provide comprehensive, high quality services, Inspire Excellence is well placed to help you and/or your organisation!

We offer:

- Outsourced HR

- One off HR work/projects

- Corporate Coaching

- Private / one to one coaching

- HR Mentoring

- Online courses

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Disciplinary & Grievance Course

(Approved and certified by the CPD Certification Service)

This online course is designed to help you think about disciplinary and grievance processes and to ensure the right procedures and approach are implemented, to create a smooth process for all concerned.

This course is for anyone that has to undertake disciplinaries and/or grievances in their role.

You may be a HR professional, a Line Manager or perhaps even a small business owner who is doing everything themselves. This course will walk you through all the steps of each process to ensure you’re doing the right things.

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Coaching Packages

Coaching is for everyone, no matter what level you’re at!

It’s a way to get where you want to be much faster than if you tried to do it on your own. Save yourself time, money, effort and a lot of stress!

There are just so many benefits to coaching and self-development including:

  • Increased confidence and self-belief
  • Gaining clarity and perspective on a situation
  • Reduced stress
  • Better work/life balance
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Better communications & relationships
  • Time back
  • Achieving your goals!

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