The English Coach

The English Coach

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Do you work with speakers of English as an additional language (EAL)?

Do you struggle to communicate effectively with EAL employees?

Do your EAL employees struggle to relate to colleagues and clients due to language and/or cultural barriers?


I provide a range of courses to help managers and EAL employees to overcome language and cultural barriers in the workplace.

Courses are tailored to the specific needs of your staff and company to ensure you get the best results.

1. Workshop: Managing multilingual teams for managers and supervisors

Who is this for?
Managers and supervisors working with EAL teams

What are the benefits?

– know how to communicate more clearly with learners of English
– understand how cultural factors may be causing barriers within the team
– develop strategies to encourage increased cohesion
– create a plan to implement in your company

2. Course: English for life and work in the UK

Who is this for?

Employees with an elementary to intermediate level of English.
These employees tend to be in a non-client-facing role.

What are the benefits?

The employees will:

– be able to communicate more confidently in everyday situations
– be able to communicate more confidently at work
– develop strategies to help them better understand native-English speakers
– develop strategies to make themselves understood (without relying on translations)
– better understand cultural aspects of work and life in the UK
– develop habits to help them develop their English skills in their own time

3. Course: English for Business in the UK

Who is this for?

Intermediate to advanced EAL speakers in client-facing roles.

What are the benefits?

Learners will:
– feel more confident communicating with clients face-to-face and by email
– better understand cultural aspects of business in the UK
– be able to communicate more clearly and effectively in different business contexts
– be better able to build relationships with clients


Contact information

Sarah Spicer: Founder of The English Coach

Sarah is an English language and culture coach based in the UK. She helps diverse teams to overcome language and cultural barriers through a range of communication skills courses. It is her aim to break down these barriers to improve relationships within the team and to give everyone the confidence to thrive.

Bespoke 121 and group coaching programmes delivered online or in person in the Northwest.


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