Wilderness Tribe

Wilderness Tribe

Our Vision
Making the restoring power of nature accessible to everyone who needs it, by building modern tribes and connecting people with their true potential

Our Social Mission
Our mission is to tackle Mental Health issues, social isolation and burnout, using the power of nature and proven solid therapeutic approaches which go hand in hand in delivering tangible and measurable results.

Our Values Non Judgment
We treat all people with acceptance and non judgment. Unconditional positive regard is at the center of what we do, we need to live and breathe it.

What we do should be authentic and equal, we don’t move the goalposts we don’t have different rules for different people

We are humble in our pursuits, be the ambassador not the influencer, be the agent of change not the activist.

We aim to enable those around us to move forward, not hold onto them for our gain

Everyone has the right to the powerful effects of nature regardless of their situation or challenges

We are moving forward and making a difference, let’s be courageous, have the courage to challenge the status quo both internally and externally

Be alongside each other and our service users, no one ever helped with a sentence that started with “well at least” Wilderness Tribe CIC is non profit Wilderness Therapy provider based in Cheshire West and North Wales. The reason we set up was due to increased social isolation, burn out and suicides in men. From lived experience our directors and facilitators have all had their own struggle with Mental Health and found their rest-bite and medicine in nature. This lead to the team designing an invention and community that will support men in their time of need and beyond. Our 8 week Everyman Programme is currently funded and is free to attend. We hope as we grow our commercial offering and volunteer network that it will provide the funds and resource to continue to build the tribe across the United Kingdom.

The Facts
• Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50.
• 1 in 8 men report experiencing symptoms for mental health problems, most do not seek help [source]
• 35.2% of men think they had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life [source]
• A fifth of men (19.5%) have been diagnosed for mental health conditions confirmed by professionals [source]
• Three-quarters of registered suicide deaths in the UK in 2020 were for men [source]
• 191,000 men a year report stress, depression or anxiety caused or made worse by work [source]

How we work with business and other organisations.
Our commercial offering consists of bespoke wellbeing and nature based programmes for your teams or students of all gender. We tailor bespoke interventions to meet the needs of the client and their people. With a number of options and activities available including bushcraft, archery, rifle shooting and axe throwing we are confident we can provide the conditions for real growth and change both personally and professionally in the lives and careers of the participants.

The team at Wilderness Tribe all come from a B2B background, where we have grown businesses, lead sales teams or been subject to ‘corporate culture’ and one thing that we all agree on, is that true self esteem, and a unified communication style take a lot more than simply having a day out of the office.


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