How do you feel about feedback?

Just the sheer mention of the word feedback can send even the most resilient of us running for the hills. How do you feel about feedback?

Over the years, I’ve witnessed the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to delivery of feedback. It is really all in the art of the delivery. I’m a real advocate of giving and receiving regular feedback; to me it’s what helps us grow the most – How can we know where we are and how we’re doing if we never ask for feedback, even if it isn’t what you want to hear? 

Feedback is what’s helped me grow the most throughout my career. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to hear sometimes, but as I always say to my coaching clients; you’re not going to get better just listening to the people who tell you you’re great. You get better by listening to the more constructive points (as long as they’re given in good faith).

When feedback is delivered well, it can be a real gift, and I’ve seen many individuals, teams and businesses grow and develop in confidence and respect, when great communication is established. 

When it comes to developing managers, feedback is a topic I like to cover early on. Getting communication right is one of the most impactful skills a Line Manager can have. 

Creating an open and positive culture for sharing feedback comes from removing the restraints of time limited processes or paper ticking exercises. For example, many businesses are now removing annual appraisals in favour of adopting more open and more regular exchanges. (These might be appraisals done more often, 121’s and so on).

Let’s think about that for a minute, how impactful or sincere will feedback be, and will it be heard in the right way, if its part of a prescriptive and often rigid, process? 

Studies show that when we are praised, thanked and recognised in real time for work, it creates more open, positive and respectful and trusting working environment – who wouldn’t want that?!

At a time when feeling valued, motivated and empowered in roles have never been more important, is now the time you focus on getting communication, and feedback in particular, right in your business? 

I’ve spent years advocating this in many businesses and teams and have created a lot of resources to support an effective implementation, all of which are available to download at any time as an MPC member. Click here to find out more about our membership.

The art of delivering feedback should not be underestimated when trying to create a positive and open workplace, it’s a skill that can always be developed no matter where you are in your career. Are you always going to get it right? No! Creating an environment where making mistakes is all part of the learning and development process is important, and that starts from the top. 

How do you feel about feedback?