A Recipe for Workplace Happiness and Inclusion

While Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated in the United States, there’s no reason we can’t adopt the spirit of gratitude and togetherness right here in the UK. 

In fact, Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity to foster a happier and more inclusive workplace culture. Let’s explore some fun and light-hearted ways to embrace this holiday and infuse it into our professional lives.

  • Invite your colleagues to participate in a “Thanksgiving Gratitude Game.” Ask everyone to share something they’re thankful for this year. It could be related to work, personal life, or even something quirky. You’ll be amazed at the positivity this simple exercise can bring.
  • Thanksgiving is all about the feast. Encourage your team to bring a dish from their cultural background. It’s a delightful way to celebrate diversity and share delicious food with one another.
  • Use this day to recognise employees who have gone above and beyond and let them know their efforts are appreciated.
  • Encourage a “Thanksgiving Edition” of random acts of kindness. Encourage colleagues to do something kind for someone else, whether it’s helping with a task, offering a compliment, or simply being a supportive presence. Perhaps, have a supply of thank you cards available for employees to write notes of appreciation to one another. These handwritten gestures can go a long way in boosting morale.

Thanksgiving sets the stage for us to celebrate gratitude, unity, and inclusion right in our workplace. It’s all about blending some fun, cultural exchanges, and appreciation to craft a workplace where every team member feels genuinely valued and connected. 

This Thanksgiving, why not come together to express your gratitude for your wonderful colleagues, your shared successes, and the incredible diversity that makes your workplace truly unique.