The Great Reshuffle

The Great Reshuffle is upon us! As many as 75% of employees surveyed by CIPD are actively looking for a new role that provides more flexibility and purpose than their current employer. We know from most surveys that employees are now demanding more from their employers, things such as greater flexibility, more understanding of a need for work life balance and having a sense of purpose to their role. 

The wider benefits to a role and culture a company offers have never been so important and rightly so. It’s something I’m passionate about with my clients – not everyone is money driven! Yes, the salary offering needs to be competitive and fair for the role but here’s the thing, it’s not the only measure candidates are weighing up anymore. 

Employees are happy to make a sideways move if it is likely to improve their quality of life and employers need to be aware of this. Being in tune with what your employees need and want is not new, many successful businesses are, they are employee centric – and they listen to their employees. Listening is a great skill and will serve you well long term.

We are navigating a tricky landscape as we’ve entered the post pandemic world. Mental health has been hugely affected from grief, anxiety, and isolation from working from home (it’s estimated 30% of employees disliked homeworking). There’s the cost-of-living crisis, which is set to hit harder this year as food, energy and fuel prices soar, which will also have an impact on mental health – it’s a double blow. Around 15% of professional workers are currently living payday to payday.

What can employers do to combat the issue?

Being in tune with how your employees are feeling across the board, will certainly help you think about how you can support them. Not every business can afford to increase wages, as they face cost increases too. Perhaps, looking at benefits packages offered, hybrid working, support groups, signposting community help where needed. Show compassion, empathy and treating people fairly, actions speak louder than words and if you play a part in actively supporting employees, especially in difficult times, that will go a long way to gaining loyalty and buy in from your employees.