Why mindset and positivity matter in the workplace

Mental health and wellbeing are being prioritised more and more within the workplace. It’s always been on my agenda from working in corporate as a HRD to supporting clients now as freelance consultant, “look after your employees and they’ll look after you!” – Richard Branson. It’s a quote I read some time ago now and it completely resonated with me. “People are your greatest assets” is another quote that stuck with me although I can’t remember who said that one!

Being resilient and building mental toughness is really important in all areas in our lives and especially when we relate it to work things such as career development and/or starting your own business. It’s also important for our personal development to be able to adapt, flex and to see opportunities even when you’re faced with a setback. 

When it comes to mindset shifts, well, with any shift it all begins with remaining calm. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, the chances are like me, you’ll recognise a shift is needed when you’re in the middle of, or following a challenging situation. 

Now, let’s be real here, calmness may be the last thing on your mind if you’re in the middle of a crisis, especially when emotions are likely to be high. Maybe it’s something going on at home, maybe it’s a work-related issue or maybe it’s just about what’s going on in the country/world generally at the minute. Resilience is something we can all build and develop, despite popular belief although, it does take a lot of practice, hard work and dedication.

By investing in developing resilience, there is a positive outcome as attitudes, optimism and positivity increase along with opportunities. Stress levels reduce, motivation increases and we’re able to take more constructive action to attract more success – win-win!

When we have a more positive outcome the ability to nip issues in the bud increases and allows relationships to flourish, this is so important in the workplace. We spend a lot of our time at work and conflict or problems will arise from time to time, so it’s important to have tools and techniques to be able to better deal with them. 

Understanding that whatever you are experiencing, be that in professional or personal capacity, is only a temporary situation and having the tools to improve (however slowly), that is where the magic happens! This is where thriving teams are built and individuals are confident and competent.

Why mindset and positivity matter in the workplace