Energise Your Way to Success

Unleashing the Power of Mastering Your Energy State

Let’s face it; life and work can sometimes feel like a never-ending juggling act, especially in the world of HR. Balancing the needs of your team, handling various HR challenges, and striving for personal growth can be overwhelming. But what if I told you there’s a secret sauce that can boost your effectiveness, productivity, and overall happiness in both life and your HR career? 

Yes, you heard it right – it all lies in mastering your energy state!

The Energy State Magic

Now I know for some, this might sound a bit ‘woo-woo’ but at the end of the day, we’re all energy, right?! Think of your energy state as a superpower that influences how you approach tasks, handle stress, and interact with others. When your energy is high and vibrant, you become a magnet for success. 

And here’s why:

Mastering your energy state allows you to bring your “A” game, paving the way for peak performance in your HR role.

Picture this – you’re tackling a complex employee issue, and you’re fully energised. Your mind is sharp, creativity flows effortlessly, and you find solutions you never thought possible. 

A team with high-energy HR leaders are more likely to thrive, connect, and achieve collective goals.

As HR professionals, you’re the heart of your organisation’s culture. When your energy radiates positivity and enthusiasm, it becomes infectious. 

You develop resilience skills, maintain a clear head, and approach challenges with a can-do attitude. A true HR superhero!

We all face stress in our careers, but when you’ve mastered your energy, stress becomes a conquerable foe. 

You connect better with others, making you an approachable and trusted HR champion.

In HR, your ability to empathise and understand employees is crucial. When you’re attuned to your energy state, you become more emotionally intelligent. I’ve studied all this for years and I’ve seen it play out in practice – we had a really challenging period a year or two back for lots of different reasons and if I hadn’t been trained in all this stuff, I could have gone really low.. this sort of mind training doesn’t stop the stuff hitting the fan… but it does help you cope with it all much better and you’re able to bounce back quicker.

Ready to unleash your energy state magic? Here are some fun and simple hacks to get you started:

  1. Dance Like No One’s Watching: Whenever you need an energy lift, put on your favourite tunes and get moving! It’s more dog walks these days for me than dance parties, but any way you can move your body and let loose will help, feel the energy surge through you. You’ll be amazed at how it boosts your mood and focus. Try it! It’s a bit like going to the gym, you might not want to go, but you always feel better after – right?!
  1. Power Up with Power Naps: Sneak in short power naps during the day to recharge your batteries. Just a few minutes of shut eye can do wonders for your productivity and overall well-being (maybe not in the middle of a shift in an office, but you get the drift!)
  1. Energise Your Workspace: A vibrant environment can significantly impact your energy levels and creativity. I like to decorate my workspace with inspiring quotes, plants, or colourful decorations to keep my mood high.
  1. Breathe and Be Mindful: Mindfulness exercises can help you stay centred, reduce stress, and make better decisions. Even if it’s only for a moment to breathe deeply, clear your mind, and be present. Listen to positive things – again, it really does have a massive effect.
  1. Laugh it Out: Laughter is the best medicine! Share a good laugh with your colleagues or watch a funny video during your break. It instantly uplifts your energy and brings joy to the workplace.

Mastering your energy state is the gateway to achieving outstanding results in your life and HR career. So, let’s embrace these energy-boosting hacks, create a positive ripple effect around you, and watch your life and career flourish like never before.

Remember, as HR professionals, you have the power to be twice as good, not just for your organisation but for yourselves too! 

Get energized, stay positive, and let’s rock the HR world!

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Energise Your Way to Success