Summer Bliss

Supporting Your Staff Through the Sunny Season

As the sun shines brighter and summer holiday vibes kick in, we know that managing staffing levels during the summer can be a challenge. But fear not! I have some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to help you navigate this season while keeping your team happy, motivated, and stress-free. 

Planning Ahead, Sail Smoothly:

Whether you have HR software in place to manage leave or not, employees who love taking leave, there is always those who leave booking time off to the very last minute!  Encourage teams to submit their time-off plans early, allows staffing gaps to be managed and planned for accordingly. Proactive planning will help you avoid last-minute scrambles and ensure a smoother sail through the summer.

Embrace the Power of Flexibility:

Summer is all about embracing the relaxed vibes, so why not offer flexible working arrangements? Consider flexible hours, compressed workweeks, as well as remote work options. By offering employees a bit of freedom, you’ll not only accommodate their childcare plans but also promote work-life balance and boost morale Its’ a win for everyone!

Share the Load, Spread the Fun:

When the team is spread thin, that’s the time to get creative with workload distribution. Encourage leaders to think about collaboration and cross-training, enabling employees to support one another during absences. Spread the fun by assigning new responsibilities or projects to keep things interesting and provide growth opportunities.

Celebrate the Season:

Make summer a celebration in the workplace! Infuse some sunshine into the office atmosphere and create a positive, light-hearted environment that keeps spirits high. 

Encourage Self-Care:

Remind your team to take care of themselves amidst the summer hustle. Encourage regular breaks, outdoor walks, and moments of relaxation. Consider wellness initiatives like yoga classes or mental health workshops to support their well-being during this busy time.

Stay Connected, Even When Apart:

If some team members are working remotely to assist with summer holiday challenges, keep the communication lines open with regular check-ins, virtual meetings, and updates through collaboration tools. This will help everyone stay connected and informed and feel a sense of inclusion, regardless of physical location.

Express Gratitude:

This is one of the most important steps for me, appreciation and gratitude is everything. Taking a moment to show appreciation for your team’s hard work during the summer months. A simple “thank you” goes a long way in recognising their efforts and dedication. Whether it’s a personalized note, a team shout-out, or a small token of appreciation, expressing gratitude will make them feel valued and motivated.

Remember, summer is all about making memories, enjoying the sunshine (when we have it!), and creating an atmosphere where your team can thrive. 

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Summer Bliss