Leading the Next Generation: Navigating the Quirks and Strengths of Gen Z

I’ve seen some changes in the workplace as the generations change, in HR we are privileged to get to know the people well, really well in some cases!  As the workforce continues to evolve and grow, it’s important for leaders to adapt to the changing needs of their employees. 

One thing that hasn’t changed though is the attention on our youngest generation in the workforce, or Gen Z as it is now. It’s always been a challenge for businesses to adapt to not only attracting new talent but retaining it too, and that challenge is very different post-pandemic as well. Our Gen Zener’s bring a unique set of skills and values to the table. 

If you’re looking to develop your leaders to attract and retain them, here are some leadership styles that can help engage and motivate:

Gen Z employees are used to working in groups, collaborating on projects, and receiving feedback from their peers, unlike previous generations who could happily work alone. Creating a culture where ideas are shared openly, and constructive criticism is welcomed, is a feature today’s workplace.

This generation are known for their desire for work-life balance and flexible working arrangements. Leaders who provide flexibility in work schedules and locations will go a huge way to making them feel valued and trusted and keeping great talent.

Ambition is something a lot of generations have shared, however, we’re now seeing that younger employees now value mentorship and seek out opportunities for personal and professional development, a lot more forwardly than ever. Look for opportunities to offer mentorship programs and creating a culture of learning and growth.

Be open and honest about the company’s vision, mission, and values bring the team along the journey with you, provide a sense of purpose within the roles. We’re all in this together kind of vibe. Younger employees want to work for a company that has a purpose beyond profit. 

By understanding and adapting to the needs of this unique generation, leaders can build a strong and engaged workforce for future success. 

Leading the Next Generation: Navigating the Quirks and Strengths of Gen Z