National Rail Strikes – how to navigate the disruption in your business

Your journey to work is disrupted, we’ve all been there – heavier than usual traffic, missed a connection, train is late or cancelled, you’re feeling frustrated, anxious, and arrive at the office in somewhat of a fluster. Do you think you’re in a position to perform at your best?  The likely answer here is no.

You’re going to need a little time to catch your breath, gather your thoughts and calm to get into the right mindset. 

With the rail strikes planned to go ahead next week 21st, 23rd and 25th June the chances are the above is likely to be a reality for those of you and your employees affected by them. 

Not only are trains running at a heavily reduced capacity, but there are also station closures and delays most likely. So, how can we help our employees ahead of this? 

The strikes are likely to cause emotional and financial concern to those affected by them, the additional time commuting, the cost of any additional or alternative travel, using of annual leave days etc. These are the things that as employers we can help to ease the burden of in advance by offering support, where possible ahead of the strikes happening. 

We’re living in a time where the cost of living is rising at record speeds, and any form of change to spending or pay can have an impact of already stretched budgets. There’s also that emotional impact, think back to the start of this blog, those feelings that’s what we want to try and avoid for those affected. Imagine all your employees coming into the office in that state, it’s not good for them, you, or your business. 

Here’s some things to consider: 

  • Allow working from home where possible
  • Adjust any in the office/workplace days planned on those days
  • Adjust start and/or finish times for those affected
  • Allow additional annual leave requests where possible
  • Encourage the use of banked time in lieu 
  • Make allowances for late attendance, offer a work back of time or focus on outputs of the employee 

Any additional support that can be offered will help with the overall wellbeing of your employees. In turn this will help to maintain employee engagement, loyalty, commitment, and as much productivity as possible during the disruption.