How to attract and retain talent in 2022

Burnout, the great resignation, desire for more work-life balance, changed life priorities and work expectations, it’s no wonder that attracting and retaining talented employees is becoming more and more difficult. 

So, what can companies do to help attract and retain employees? 

Let’s take a look at attracting new employees firstly. It all starts with you, your brand and culture, we’ve discussed how important this is internally and externally in previous blogs. Employees are looking for more purpose and connection to their work now, they want to feel aligned to their role and company values. Reviewing these and how you can improve or promote them is always a great place to start.

Following this, the next impression a prospective employee will see is the Job Description. Having a clear and concise description, outline what the right candidate would look like, and including the salary or range at least is helpful. Recruitment is becoming more difficult and as it’s a candidates market you don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Welcome onboard!

You’ve got it, your onboarding process is our next focus. Getting this journey nailed is a must. First impressions really do count here, one of my favourite quotes is from Maya Angelou ‘people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel’ I think this is a great quote to help guide you here. 

You see, the reality of attracting and retaining talent is all linked to culture, you want to create a workplace that people want to be part of, where they can feel included, valued, and motivated to achieve more. 

Engaging with employees, asking their opinions, getting them involved in decisions, changes will create a collaborative environment where people can thrive. Treating employees like the adults they are, set clear expectations, goals, and targets, around working hours, performance and downtime will all have positive impacts on motivation, morale and wellbeing which in turn affects performance, loyalty and overall engagement.