Thriving in Challenging Times is a mini-coaching course designed to help you master techniques to get you through the challenges of life!

In this course, we’ll look at things like Mindset, Focus, Hurdles/barriers to getting where you want to be, and Targets & Achievements with a Summary module to wrap up. We’ll be looking at how to assess challenges and then we’ll look at how to address those challenges, so that you can move forward and succeed!

The course is made up of 5 video modules with an accompanying 70+ page workbook to work through, as you move through the modules. There are loads of exercises to complete, lots of hints and tips and also some recommendations for other resources,which will help you to continue your learning.

So, why buy this course? Well, in addition to all of the above, James and I are both experienced, qualified coaches, with over 40 years experience of working with and developing people. We LOVE helping people overcome their challenges and have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people through our careers. We’ve given you some fabulous tools to use in this course and we’re so excited for you to get stuck in!

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