The benefits of mastering time management

Have you ever found yourself asking for more time in the day? (Yes – me!) Let me guess, usually when you’re busy or up against tight deadlines? Am I right? 

I’ve been here and am sure I will say this again at some time in the future too, many times even! Well, I am human after all!!

Having the ability to manage our time effectively is important and is directly linked to our efficiency and productivity, our stress levels, and our success. So, when we hone great time management skills, we experience an improvement in all these areas. 

You’ll know if you’ve followed me for a while that I’m a list person, they keep me on track, accountable and actually they help reduce my stress. If you’re a list person too, you’ll appreciate the feeling when you strike through each completed task. When it comes to time management, lists can really help you focus and schedule the task to completion, you can map progress to help keep those stress levels in check too! 

I’m also a fan of turning off email notifications, time blocking and having set chunks of time to do certain things and I coach people on this stuff all the time!

As HR professionals and/or people managers, we can support others to adopt healthy working patterns that serve their goals, by applying some focus to what and how their time is being spent. Inevitably, this will improve focus, outcomes, stress levels, confidence and is more likely to lead to success. 

The benefits of mastering time management allow businesses to prioritise tasks by role, monitor task completion, reduce the stress levels of employees, have more time to take breaks and avoid burnout, more time to seek further opportunities and remove all non-essential work. 

It can also support future planning by freeing up time to plan ahead, set realistic and achievable goals, and improve the wellbeing and culture of the workforce. So, when was the last time you looked at how you manage your time?