Why Employee Engagement Matters!

Employee engagement has a direct impact on most of the key business outputs. For example, recent studies show that with a fully engaged employee is 22% more productive, and takes on average almost 25% less sick days each year – What business would not want to achieve those?

There are so many other benefits to having engaged employees such as improved creativity, advocacy of your brand/products and workplace, as they’re happy at work. Creating a workplace culture as we know from previous blogs, isn’t difficult but does require time, consistency, and flexibility.

I think it’s important to remember that no one will start a role wanting to come to work and do a bad job, people generally want to do great work, they want to be motivated, productive and valued. In a happy workplace you’ll find that teams thrive as they’re motivated, and that motivation passes off to those around them.

 Employees are willing to give up 29% of their salary to find a job they love – Gallup Survey

That’s almost a 3rd of their salary which shows the turn in priorities, having a sense of purpose and feeling valued are right up there where job satisfaction is concerned – Can you afford to ignore this?

Other positive impacts include a willingness to get on board with new challenges, loyalty to brand and company, improve customer experience and retention, and greater profitability. I mean what’s not to get onboard here.

As we approach the halfway point of 2022, now is the time to review those strategies for employee engagement and make any adjustments required. There is always time to start making a difference where employees are concerned just remember consistency is key, with communication, actions, and commitments you make.