Are you creating an inclusive workplace culture?

In the week we’ve seen Sue Grey’s report released on Downing Street party investigations it’s brought company policy and culture into the forefront of discussions.

There are some key issues that are highlighted in the report that any business looking to make changes to their culture should really take into consideration.

Firstly, the behaviours and conduct come from above. Junior staff often look to those in senior positions for guidance on how to conduct themselves at work, in essence lead by example. Core values of acceptable behaviours, respect, equality, inclusivity is learned from the top down, when this isn’t the case, it can lead to negative cultures being formed.

Secondly, having robust policies and procedures in place and adhering to them is essential to create boundaries in which working expectations are created. A lack of these can often lead to levels professionalism falling below what is expected.

Finally, to have a fully inclusive and positive workplace employees should feel that they have a way to voice any concerns they have and have those concerns listened too.
For any business to function at it’s best it need guidance, in the form of policies, procedures and strong leadership. When these elements all work in harmony, and everyone is on the same page great things can happen.

Sue’s report can be a learning for any business not just the Government, as Employees look to leaders for the support and guidance, be and create the leaders you would want to follow.