Do you have the tools to do your job?

Not having the tools to do your job correctly has always featured highly on any employee survey I’ve seen over the years. This can range from feeling supported, how much communication is given, systems running quickly enough and having stability, to hot desking and access to information in a timely manner.

In today’s remote and Hybrid working world, it’s never been so important to provide clear effective processes, useable and reliable tech, and clear communication channels.

Is it time to review?

When we first switched to homeworking, for many it meant just getting the basics covered to be able to get through it, and for a time that was ok! Heck, we had a lot more going on at the time. Over time though, as we settle into working remotely or in a hybrid way, it’s perhaps time to stop and review what tools you and your employees need.

Not being able to access resources, use tech or have a stable connection long term, is one of the largest contributors to demotivating employees. Imagine having difficulty logging in to the resources you need every single day, whether you’re on site or remote – how frustrating is that?!

Employee surveys, pulse surveys, focus groups are all great ways to understand how your employees are feeling – if asked, they’ll tell you what is working and what’s not!

When we think about the resources each team member needs, we now need to think beyond the basic resources (desks, connection, logins), in a remote & hybrid world we need to look at resources such as sufficient support from colleagues, team leaders etc, access to wellbeing resources.

So, today think about what is frustrating you in your role. List the little niggles that if corrected would make you feel so much better. Now, the next step is taking that list and making it into a conversation with the person that can help you make the changes. If you’re self-employed like me, it may lead to an interesting conversation in the mirror!