A Breath of Fresh Air

Reducing Workplace Stress on National Stress Awareness Day

As we celebrate National Stress Awareness Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back and reflect on how we can create a happier, healthier, and less stressful workplace. After all, a less stressed workforce is a more productive one. 

How often do you rush into the office, coffee in hand, and dive straight into the day’s tasks? Yes, me too! We can be guilty of running 110mph most of the time. Recognising this and more importantly, acknowledging it, is the first step to making some small steps/changes, you see, when we become aware of behaviours, we can start to make small changes to correct it. 

I always pulled my face when people told me sometimes you have to slow down to speed up (or sayings of a similar nature), but it’s so true. Sometimes we have to carve that time to take yourself out of the day to day so that you can see the bigger picture (and recharge!).

Meditation works great for me, if you’ve not tried it yet, I recommend giving it a try! You can start with just a few minutes as your day starts to mindfulness. Whether it’s a short meditation, a few deep breaths, or simply enjoying that morning coffee without checking your emails – starting the day with a calm mind can set the tone for a more stress-free workday. Or sometimes it’s just listening to something positive as I sit and do my make up and get ready – it’s all about trying to start the day in the most positive way possible.

What’s the saying, ‘all work no play’, again my hands are up as someone who struggles at times to switch off. Just 5 more minutes and I’ll be done, jiggling things about to the point I no longer know where I started, yep guilty as charged! 

Sometimes, our most creative solutions are found when we take the time to step away from our desks, PCs, Tablets etc. I know this, and I do try to be mindful when I’m busy so, encourage your teams to take short, rejuvenating strolls during their breaks, eat lunch away from their desks, it’s an excellent way to clear the mind, get some fresh air, and return to work with a refreshed perspective.

Did you know that the simple act of adding a plant or some artwork to your workspace can reduce stress levels? A touch of greenery or an inspiring piece of art can make your office a more pleasant and calming place to be. I’m here for the aesthetics, I need a clean and comfortable work environment, if helps me settle into my work a lot quicker.

In HR, we’re often the go-to for employees’ concerns, it can be a LOT sometimes and no one can bear that amount of negative conversation and not be affected by it. So, don’t forget to reach out and have healthy conversations about workplace stress with your own team. Listening to each other’s experiences and offering support can make a world of difference- a problem shared, is a problem halved an all that!

The daily grind can sometimes overshadow our achievements. So, learning to take a moment to celebrate the small wins – that successfully wrapped project, a happy client, or a teamwork milestone can boost morale and ease stress.

By mastering time management, (which is something I work with my coaches on a lot!) you can regain control and reduce daily stressors. 

That’s right, encouraging effective time management strategies within your team can help you to identify time-wasting habits and replace them with more productive routines! I’m here for that!

On this National Stress Awareness Day, let’s make a collective effort to transform our workplaces into stress-free zones. It’s the small, consistent changes that can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment. 

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A Breath of Fresh Air