What does December 31st 2023 look like for you?

As you’ll probably come to realise, I’m a bit of a self-professed self-development junkie. Even from a young age I can remember wanting to know more, learn more, experience more, be that in school or just generally about the world around me. 

In the wonderful world of HR, you’ll be familiar that we all too often we prioritise the development of others over ourselves. 

Like most lessons in life, it takes something BIG to come along sometimes to help you see your path. 

Have you experienced a change of path from recognising a priority needs adjusting? Unfortunately for many of us, this often happens when something goes wrong; a health scare makes us eat more healthily and do more exercise, we re-assess our lives after loss, some event stops us in our tracks and really makes us think about the way we’re living our lives…

For me, that moment came after spending several years working exhausting hours, feeling stressed, isolated, with constant firefighting, along with trying to navigate the often-complex world of HR, I became totally burnt out and decided to reassess my working life and priorities. ‘What was I doing with my life?’ Was the big question!

Out of these crazy times came the idea for MyPeopleClub and so it was born!  

I wanted to create a platform and community that would help HR professionals access the support and resources that I didn’t have access to, while I was developing in the world of HR. 

The idea was there, my goals were set, my plan was made. Time to get going!

It obviously didn’t happen overnight, it was years in the planning, creating and developing and there were lots of people around me who supported bringing this goal to life.

There were bumps along the way too, and so many times where doubts crept in, but I always returned to my guiding principles which were that MyPeopleClub would be designed to save you time, money, effort, and stress by providing everything you need for your day-to-day role.

And that still guides me today with any new content on the site. Take the Disciplinary and Grievance course I created, it consists of 6 video modules so that you can pick it up as and when you have time, it’s CPD accredited so counts towards your professional development, something I was really keen to do! And it covers EVERYTHING you’ll need (and more) to run and implement a fair process for all. Best of all is a lifetime of free updates – the world of employment law is ever changing, and the last few years is testament to that. So, not only saving you time looking up the data, but it also keeps you compliant too! And that’s just one example.

Working in HR can be tough. There can be a lot of late nights and hours spent on issues that you didn’t ever think you’d be dealing with – I know that all too well!! You deserve to leave work feeling supported, energised, and productive, ready to spend an evening being present with your friends and family. 

If you can relate to this, and 2023 is YOUR year to change, set those goals today, trust me there is no time like now! 

Spend some time really thinking about where you see yourself on 31st December this year and then work back from there. Break the goals down into small, bite sized chunks so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming and just get started…

Need some support along the way? Well, that’s where MyPeopleClub can help you! From less than £1 per day you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things that you love, and less time stressing about your job. Take a look at our winter offer today at www.mypeopleclub.com/find-out-more

What does December 31st 2023 look like for you?