Does age matter?

It’s an age-old debate (excuse the pun!), isn’t it?

As we’re an aging society and the retirement age increases… and increases… should we start to consider ourselves able to develop at any age? Do we need a change of mindset?

For me, I see personal development as a lifelong investment; we are all work in progress if you like.

It’s something I always challenge clients with too; are all employees encouraged to develop, should they want to? (It’s also good to remember that not all employees want to climb the ladder – some are happy at the level they’re at, and that’s ok too!).

The key thing is to think about it. Do you give any thought to your ageing workforce? Are there conversations taking place? Do you know what your people want from their career and job role?

Now is the time for employers to really step into their own – on the back of the pandemic, more and more people are looking to retrain, upskill and/or develop in their role. With the time at home during lockdowns, many have reassessed their future and work-life balance and now want different things.

Whilst the great resignation is higher in the younger generation, it’s reported that the over 55s looking for changes in career are on the rise too. The need to find a sense of purpose and being valued and developed in their role, being the most sought-after elements when finding a new role. These aren’t necessarily new things, but what is different is that people aren’t just putting up with rubbish employers and/or those that don’t meet their needs – they’re much happier to look for an employer who will give them what they want – and it’s a really tough market for recruiters right now!

So, what have you got in place at your organisation or with your clients?

Development doesn’t always necessarily have to relate to additional training, our emotional and physical wellbeing is important too. In fact, it’s this type of development that is desired for the over 40’s in particular. It’s about how you look after people, give them flexibility, trust… all these are huge considerations for employees these days.

Having a rounded package of employee benefits and investment in talent management will be attractive to your existing workforce and in attracting in new talent, regardless of age. The most important point is to check, have you thought about what your people want? Have you spoken to them and found out?