Why talented employees are leaving their roles

And how you can prevent it

I’m sure like me you’ve heard the saying “people leave managers, not jobs”, whilst I do think that this is one of the biggest factors, it’s not the only one. 

We’re at work for much of our time each week (full time workers), and if you’re not getting on with your team, colleagues, or manager well, that can have a huge impact on how you perform and ultimately, how long you are settled in your role. 

Creating a positive working environment that encourages relationships to develop and allow each employee to raise any concerns without fear of being silenced or feeling silly.

Those of us who are ambitious and show potential, really want to feel valued and recognised for their efforts. Not feeling appreciated has been reported one of the biggest demotivating factors amongst employees (46%). 

Investing in all employees right from the very beginning of their journey can show you are a people centric business. Who doesn’t love to feel part of the bigger picture and that their work matters? 

Career development and progression or lack of can be another reason you are losing your talented employees. Being open about how you promote within the business, what the criteria is, and having clear development plans in place with those showing an interest in progressing will really show you care about them and their dreams. 

It’s not easy to manage everyone’s expectations or aspirations, it can be easy to start opening the conversations around development with your employees. You’ll not always be able to retain all your talented employees, no matter how hard you try but asking them for their reasons for leaving will help you develop and work on any gaps you have internally.