How to encourage a positive mindset at work

For me mindset is everything! Throughout my career in HR, I’ve seen how mindset can affect performance, engagement and productivity, and even the success of companies!

When it comes to fostering a great mindset, well, that can often be led by us HR folk or by people managers. Employees with a positive mindset will work harder, go above and beyond what’s expected of them, and we can really help encourage a positive mindset at work by: 

  • Supporting wellbeing and mental wellbeing in the workplace – It’s so important to have the wellbeing support in place, as a lot of stress can be created in the workplace. When it comes to a positive mindset, wellbeing is one of the foundational steps to take. This can be as simple as including wellbeing activities in the workplace, wellbeing benefits as part of an employee’s overall package to choose from, a buddying system for support. Having a varied package of support is best as everyone’s needs are different however, anything is better than nothing. (PS – we’ve got some amazing partners in our MPC shop who offer private and corporate wellbeing services – go check them out here!)
  • Encourage a healthy work-life balance – Offer flexible and agile working options (where possible) to help support any challenges employees face, from childcare to personal issues. Not only will this help support your team members in the moment, but it will also help attract and retain your talent. 

Understanding you team’s needs as a line manager is key, encourage open conversations so that any stress being experienced can be addressed as early on as possible and solutions found. As an HR professional we’re usually engaged when these conversations breakdown or when they are lacking in the first place, our role here is about finding that middle ground where both parties can work together. Being impartial here is so important, everyone needs to feel heard, and let’s not forget this will be emotional. The language you use, tone of voice and body language will be key to improving mindset and getting engagement to move forward. 

  • Reward and Recognition – Who doesn’t love to be recognised when you’ve done a great job?! A little reward thrown in from time to time is a bonus and such a mood booster. Creating a culture that focuses on both of these will help promote positivity with employees, feeling valued and acknowledged for contribution is always up there in any employee survey. This starts from the top and has no limits to its success, and it doesn’t always have to be a big fanfare, a little thank you here and there one to one is just as impactful. 

The more you do to promote it in the workplace the more you can improve mindsets of those around you. Employee surveys are a great resource to use to understand what makes your teams happy, just having a simple suggestion box open or a way in which they can give feedback is perfect. Sometimes the act of listening is all it takes, who doesn’t want to feel heard? 

I’ll leave you with a great quote and remember, positivity promotes positivity!! Always look out for the fun in every day!!

“A positive attitude will have positive results because attitudes are contagious” – Zig Ziglar

How to encourage a positive mindset at work